Full day tours

Speed Boat Zadar offers a number of different full-day tours in range from
7 hours up to maximum of 9 hours

Privately visit secluded coves and bays on Kornati, Dugi Otok, Molat, Iž, Žut, all of which you would almost certainly miss on any other organised tour. Enjoy sunbathing, swimming, dolphin spotting, snorkelling, caving, cliff jumping, gourmet experiences...


You name it, and we'll organize it for You!

Very close, very different


Location: Kornati Islands, Telašćica bay on Dugi Otok island

Starting times:  8 AM (July - August),  9 AM (rest of the year)

End time:  4 PM (July - August), 5 PM (rest of the year)

Meeting point:  Marina Tankerkomerc, Zadar

Price: 320 EUR for 2 passengers (extra person 40€/ child under 12 years 20€) 

Surcharge: 40 EUR National Park Kornati boat entry fee

Optional surcharge: 35 EUR Park of Nature Telašćica boat entry fee


On our National Park Kornati tour, we take you on a scenic ride through the Zadar channel and in between the islands of Ugljan and Pašman towards Kornati Islands. Once we go under the bridge which connects the two islands, we start heading towards our destination. On the way, you’ll see all the beauties of Zadar archipelago from the boat. Cruising at 20+ mph, you’ll enjoy scenic views of islands of Žut, Sit, Dugi Otok, Iž, Lavdara, and of course the Kornati.

Once passed the bridge in around 20 minutes we’ll reach Kornati National Park. This unforgettable group of islands consists of 89 islands, islets and reefs, and is considered a nautical paradise. On our tour, we will take you on a scenic ride and show you many secrets which make the Kornati so special. We’ll show you fortresses which were used to guard the area against the attackers in the past, even film a set from the 1950’ which opens up amazing panoramic views. The Kornati and its white stone hide many secluded and private beaches and we’ll do our best to find you one up to your liking, where you can swim, snorkel and sunbathe.

As well, the Komati Islands are famous for its gastronomic offer and it’s freshly caught fish. There are a couple of great restaurants where you can enjoy the gourmet lunch, but you are free to take you food from home if you prefer and we’ll find you a nice place to have a picnic. Before we start heading back we’ll have a stroll underneath the Kornati cliffs, where you’ll be able to see some of the indigenous plant and animal life. Depending on the time in hand, we can make another stop or two for you to have a swim. We tend to do everything up to your preferences, so just share your ideas with the skipper and we’ll do our best to make them all come true.

OPTION: The Kornati tour can be prolonged to a Kornati and Telašćica tour in which, after the stroll underneath the cliffs we don’t go directly towards Zadar, but we visit the Park of Nature Telašćica, which is the complete opposite of Kornati. Glooming with plant and animal life, Telašćica is an unusually big bay on the southern side of Dugi Otok. The park itself consists of 13 islands and islets, together with 6 islets inside the bay itself. While walking through the park you'll see amazing plant and animal life, geological phenomena, you'll find yourself on top of 60 meters high cliffs, you'll be able to dip your feet in the salty lake, snorkel in the sea, or just chill out on the boat in a secluded part of the bay.

Croatian Caribbean


Location: Sakarun bay, Veli Žal beach, Golubinka cave on Dugi otok island

Starting times: 9 AM

End time: 6 PM

Meeting point:  Marina Tankerkomerc, Zadar

Price: 380 EUR for 2 passengers (extra person 40€/ child under 12 years 20€) 

Optional surcharge: 80 EUR per group (visit to Golubinka cave)


The longest of our tours is the "Croatian Caribbean" tour. It is not as far as the real Caribbean, but if you want the real deal, it won't be at your footsteps.  While cruising towards the uninhabited side of Dugi Otok, whose name (Long Island) uncovers its 60-kilometre length, we’ll cruise past the islands of Sestrunj, Rava, Iž, Zverinac, Molat. We’ll have a couple of stops along the way so that you get refreshed in the sea.

We’ll stop near the sunken ship near Lagnići islands where you can snorkel and explore the shipwreck from the ’80s for a bit before we proceed past the Veli Rat lighthouse towards a small island of Mežanj which hides the most turquoise waters of the Adriatic. The beach Veli Žal (which in fact means Big Beach) is situated on the uninhabited side of Dugi Otok in the open waters and considered one of the best-kept secrets of the archipelago.

After chilling out the bar situated underneath the pine trees, we’ll start going back towards the famous Sakarun bay. Pristine white sand, turquoise waters, beach bar and restaurant in the pine forest make this beautiful bay a perfect place to enjoy your holiday getaway. You’ll be able to enjoy the beach for a couple of hours before we start heading back towards Zadar.

OPTIONAL: This tour can be slightly altered in order to take you to Brbišćica bay and Golubinka cave (on the photos). These two gems are situated even further from Veli Žal beach, but the pristine wilderness and beauty of nature on this tour will create a mental picture you’ll never forget. Golubinka cave is the most magical place in the archipelago, and of course the most remote. The cave itself lets some light in which then explodes in many beautiful colours making the water inside looks and feel magical. You can snorkel, swim, and thoroughly enjoy the cave as You’ll most probably be the only ones inside.

Brbišćica bay is situated just a couple of hundred meters from the cave, and its pebbly shore will offer you the rest for the soul. Lying on the beach, dipping your feet in the crystal clear water, with waves being the only noise you hear, will leave a memory which will last a lot longer than your holiday.

Visit to Golubinka cave incurs an extra charge of 80 euro per group.


Lighthouses and dolphins


Location: Northern part of Dugi Otok, Lagnići islands, Veli Rat lighthouse, Molat island

Starting times:  9 AM

End time: 5 PM

Meeting point: Marina Tankerkomerc, Zadar

Price: 340 EUR for 2 passengers (extra person 40€/ child under 12 years 20€) 


On our family favourite we’ll first take you towards the northern part of Ugljan island, and then towards Dugi Otok. Discover the islands of Rivanj, Sestrunj, Zverinac, Iž and Rava on the horizon before hitting a secluded bay on Dugi Otok.


Minutes after we arrive to Dugi Otok we’ll find ourselves in front of a warship shelter tunnel, which is particularly impressive. Built during the cold war period to keep the strategically important Maknare passage safe now is a perfect place to get cooled down in the shadow. After a couple of photos and some sightseeing, we’ll proceed in between Zverinac and Dugi Otok, and towards Lagnići island where you’ll be able to snorkel around the sunken ship from the '80s which holds many secrets.

After the swim, we’ll position ourselves underneath the Veli Rat lighthouse, which was built in 1849, and is still the highest lighthouse in this part of the Adriatic. You’ll be able to climb the lighthouse to enjoy stunning panoramic views of the area before we go down to the beach restaurant where you can have lunch, or you can camp yourself underneath the pine trees and have a picnic on the beach.


Once you had your rest, we start heading towards Molat island and its pristine wilderness. Mostly known for its infamous concentration camp in the WW2 period, Molat is one of the hidden gems of Zadar archipelago, and now known for Dolphin spotting. Once we go past the islands of Tun Mali and Tun Veli looking for dolphins, we’ll find ourselves in a private and secluded sandy beach, which is perfect for all sorts of games in the shallow water or just for sitting in the sand, with water gently cooling you down while you sunbathe and enjoy a cold drink. This small bay is extremely child-friendly, as the water is very shallow and sandy so you can relax before we start heading back home to Zadar. On our way back, we can make another brief stop to visit another important lighthouse, but that’s up to you, and the energy you’ve got left.  



Three grains of sand


Location: Southern part of Dugi Otok island, Iž Island, Ugljan island

Starting time:  9 AM

End time:  4 PM

Meeting point:  Marina Tankerkomerc, Zadar

Price: 300 EUR for 2 passengers (extra person 40€/ child under 12 years 20€ )


Croatian Coast is mostly rocky, and actually doesn’t have many sandy bays, having that in mind, and knowing how some people enjoy the sand, we have compiled the best of sandy bays tour. On our "three grains of sand" tour we’ll take you “sand lovers” to the few rare sandy bays in Zadar archipelago.


We’ll take you on a scenic ride through the Zadar channel and in between the islands of Ugljan and Pašman towards Dugi Otok. Once we get to Dugi Otok, we’ll have a quick break, just to get you accustomed to the slow pace of life on Croatian islands. We can have ice cream, coffee or a cold drink before we proceed towards a small island in front of Dugi Otok, whose name we choose to keep a secret. Beautiful, small and sandy bay, surrounded by wild nature, is a big secret of the area. Expect no one around, you can camp underneath the olive trees or chill on the boat under the canopy and enjoy the turquoise sea.


Once you had enough of this paradise, we start heading towards our second destination on the island of Iž. On the way towards the island of Iž you’ll see all the beauties of Zadar archipelago from the boat, the scenic ride will uncover islands of Rava, Ugljan, Žut, Sit, before hitting a perfectly secluded bay on Iž island. We’ll enjoy some snorkelling and swimming from the boat, while the music from the sound system overpowers the sound of the crickets from the pine forest surrounding us. We'll visit Iž, which is an exceptional example of a traditional Croatian island village. You can choose to have a meal in a very good, and a very, very local restaurant, or have a picnic somewhere if you prefer.

Last, but not the least, is a sandy bay on the uninhabited side of Ugljan Island. Indeed a great place to finish your "three grains of the sand tour", shallow water, pristine white sand for some more fun and games in the beautiful little bay. Sit down and unwind under the pine trees and soak in the real Adriatic experience before you proceed back to Zadar.




Take me to the Moon


Location: Pag island

Starting times:  9 AM (or as previously arranged)

End time:  6 PM (or as previously arranged)

Meeting point:  Marina Tankerkomerc, Zadar

Price: 440 EUR for 2 passengers (extra person 40€/ child under 12 years 20€)

Visit and explore the numerous unspoilt bays and moonlike landscapes of Pag island for some lifelong memories. Situated 35 miles northeast from Zadar, Pag island is mostly famous for its lamb, cheese, salt, Zrče party beach and its moonlike landscapes. The white stone of Pag hides many unspoilt bays with pristine turquoise waters ideal for snorkelling.

On our Pag island private tour, we'll first take you to the southwestern part of the island to visit a couple of pebbly bays near the village of Vlašići, before we proceed underneath the spectacular bridge which connects the island to the shore. The northeastern side of the island is a nautically unexplored area where you'll rarely encounter other people and other boats, perfect for the ones who thrive to visit private bays.


The whole moonlike landscape of the island is shaped by the strong wind called Bura which blows from the spectacular mount Velebit which rises from the sea on the other side of the channel. Thanks to Bura Pag has almost no vegetation but the strong wind also created caves, reefs and beautiful bays for you to explore.  Apart from the stunning nature, the scenic ride will uncover fortresses from ancient times and many other surprises which will spark your imagination.


Skipper's Choice


Location: Skipper's choice

Starting times:  9 AM (or as previously arranged)

End time:  5 PM (or as previously arranged)

Meeting point:  Marina Tankerkomerc, Zadar

Price: 360 EUR for 2 passengers (extra person 40€/ child under 12 years 20€)

On our Skipper's choice tour we'll take you to the best place according to the weather conditions on the day. We'll find the best places for you to swim, sunbathe, snorkel, or just chill.


Tubing and other watersports are only available on Skipper's Choice tour.

Apart from the unspoilt nature and sleepy villages, the highlight of the Skipper's Choice tour is tubing and water-skiing which we can organize for you. After you get really tired from the watersports, we'll take you to have lunch somewhere on the islands to try freshly caught fish and other Croatian specialities in a local restaurant away from the crowds. If you decide to bring food of your own, we'll find you a nice place to have a picnic.


For this tour, Skippers usually choose islands which we rarely visit on our regular tours like the islands of Pašman, Žut, Rava, Zverinac, Rivanj, Sestrunj, Molat, and many other places which are almost never seen by tourists, and therefore you'll have a real feel of how the locals live and where do they relax in the islands around Zadar. 


During the tour, you'll be able to go at your own pace, and the Skipper will take into account your ideas so feel free to suggest them. We will do our best to make this day perfect for you.

Our skippers know every pebble and rock in Zadar's archipelago. Let the magic and adventure kick in on our Skipper's choice day tour.




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Price calculation example:

"Three Grains of Sand":

3 adults, 3 children (under 12 years of age)

280 EUR - base price (includes 2 passengerS)

+ 40 EUR - 1 additional adult (1 x 40 euro)

+ 60 EUR - 3 additional children (3 x 20 euro)


380 EUR - TOTAL including all costs


All tour prices include:

Boat rent, Skipper fee, Fuel consumption

Bottled water, Diving masks for snorkelling, Insurance



All of our routes, meeting points, and departure times are subject to changes in agreement with our guests. 

Skipper is responsible for the boat and the passengers and can divert routes in case of bad weather. 


Kornati "Very close, very different":

3 adults, 3 children (under 12 years of age)

320 EUR - base price (includes 2 passengers)

+ 40 EUR - 1 additional adult (1 x 40 euro)

+ 60 EUR - 3 additional children (3 x 20 euro)

+ 40 EUR - NP Kornati admission


460 EUR - TOTAL including all costs